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Contentio PRO

60-Second Solution To High-Quality Content

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I know you’re in a hurry to start creating your content with Contentio – and you should be – good content can quadruple your traffic and sales. We’ve done that over and over again with our sites.

But good content is also difficult to create and automate.

When you start using Contentio, you will realize how easy it is to create a new post and get traffic. But it might take you 10-15 minutes to do that.

Now imagine if you have 10 sites – you will spend about 2-4 hours a week creating content for them.

What if you could automate all this?

And do more?

Get ready, because with Contentio Pro you get:

  • Scheduler to automate content creation + posting
  • Buffer integration for social media syndication
  • Ability to create longer posts with multiple videos
  • Use Contentio PRO on unlimited sites

Let me walk you through all the crucial upgrade benefits you will see on this page. Trust me – after you look at everything here, you’ll want to use Contentio PRO on all your sites.

All you need to do is setup a few keywords, and Contentio PRO will go to YouTube to get authority videos with high views. It will then convert these videos into great content, and automatically post them on the blog. You can of course go in and edit these posts further. But image every post being made with YOUR call-to- action (to drive more leads or sales).

We use this on our smaller, resource sites to automate content creation. Watch a short demo of this feature in action:

Creating great content is the first step to generating sales. What you need to do next is spread your message far and wide. To help you do this – we have built integrations with buffer. So now – as soon as you post your content, you can automatically syndicate it to Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+ and more. This will COMPLETELY automate the traffic-gen process for you, and you won’t need to worry about traffic-generation again. The cool part is – buffer is FREE to use, and we share instructions on how to use it within the plugin!

See – most YouTube videos will give you content between 400 – 800 words. This is already pretty good – but what if you are looking for that VIRAL content which generates 100s of shares and 1000s of clicks? Well in that case you need something longer. Contentio PRO helps you automagically combine 2 or more videos to generate LONGER content that converts. In our case studies, longer content generated 5x MORE shares and traffic. So make sure you use this to generate more traffic for your business.

That’s right – with this upgrade, there is ZERO restriction as to how many sites you can use this own. As long as these are your own sites (agency license available in next upgrade), you can use this PRO version to automate everything on your sites. This is a REAL exclusive deal – which is why we are offering it to advanced and serious customers ONLY.


And the fact that you now have access to Contentio means you can do just that…but I wouldn't be doing my job if I didn't offer you the whole package at a launch special price.

Content creation is POWERFUL way to generate content long term – and automating it with Contentio is an obvious next step!

Now, don’t get me wrong – Social X is great, and you have a complete profit formula and automation system in a box and ready to make you money…

But our PRO version takes you to the next level

You Get:
Contentio PRO for 24/7 Automated Posts
Contentio PRO for Unlimited Social Syndication
Contentio PRO for Unlimited Posts
+ Bonus #1 - Hilite and Share
+ Bonus #2 - Sticky Note Ads
+ Bonus #3 - WP Profit Doubler

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Get Contentio PRO – Launch Price Special

When you upgrade to Contentio PRO, we also give you these bonuses:


Hilite & Share

Encourage readers to share your best content, and bring more traffic back to your site! Gives your readers A new easy way to share your best content.

Valued at $127


Sticky Note Ads

Include any text of your choice for holiday greetings, sales announcements and more. There’s no confining format to work with, so you can include what makes sense to you and your readers, not what the software designer things you should include.

Valued at $167


WP Profit Doubler

Here's How You Can Double Your Chances Of Generating Profits From Visitors To Your WordPress Sales Pages, Automatically!

Valued at $247

Now let me ask you this…

How much would you pay – ONE TIME – to automate content creation for your sites forever?

Remember – even hiring a “cheap” content creator will cost you $1,000 per month or more.

Plus then you have to hire someone else to post on social media to generate traffic.

Don’t waste that kind of money on other people.

Get Contentio PRO at a one-time price and take your sites to the next level!

This is a one-time opportunity, don’t let it slip past you; jump on board and upgrade today!

You Get:
Contentio PRO for 24/7 Automated Posts
Contentio PRO for Unlimited Social Syndication
Contentio PRO for Unlimited Posts
+ Bonus #1 - Hilite and Share
+ Bonus #2 - Sticky Note Ads
+ Bonus #3 - WP Profit Doubler

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